About us

The group of producers of vegetables and fruit „Polish Pepper” Holding Inc. is made by the leading producents of vegetables.

The peppers is the main production from the greenhouses and
it is grown on 62 ha area. The production is located in the biggest papric area in Poland, in a central part of mazowieckie district.

The members of the group have grown the peppers for many years. This period let them to specialize and to take the valuable experience in the highest production of peppers. The group has
a certificate of Global G.A.P for the pepper production, Chinese cabbage and string – bean.

The most important goals of „Polska Papryka” is to:

  • the highest quality of fruit and vegetables
  • making the huge parts of commodity
  • to increase the acreage of growing area
  • cooperation with the science institutions
  • the offers for the supermarkets
  • to take part in the markets in an own country and abroad
  • to make own package for the individual needs of recipients